Carpet Cleaning

Deep Clean Pros are the experts when it comes to Carpet Cleaning. We carry our Individual Carpet and Rug Cleaning. For business, we also offer a contract Carpet Clean Service. 

Our high trained Carpet Cleaning and Stain removal technicians only use the top of the range Professional Prochem™ equipment and specialist fluids producing results not possible when cleaning your carpet or rug yourself.

The most frequently used carpet clean and rug clean process we use is known as ‘Hot Water Extraction’ or ‘Steam Cleaning’

This is where steam is used to clean and sanitise the carpet at the same time powerful in build vacuums extract the dirt and steam – leaving beautiful clean fresh carpets that dry within a couple of hours.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Brings a carpet back to life as well as removes or reduces stain of all kinds including chewing gum, oil and some paints.

Decreases allergens altogether – a great relief for sufferers of various allergies. 

A must do annual job for families with small kids and pets.

All bio-impurities, for example, viruses, mould spores, microorganisms, bugs, and 99.999% of all pathogens are demolished by the steam and safe chemicals if necessary. 

Air quality is essentially improved after a system as air sifting capacity of the material floor is restored.

We provide a full carpet cleaning service so you can sit back and let us get the job done

As well as carpets and rugs we can clean upholstery, sofas, curtains and nearly all fabrics using either steam cleaning or a method known as ULV Dry Fogging which delivers a 100% environmentally safe Fog. Especially recommended for mattresses and delicate fabrics which are stain free and need to be pathogen free too.

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